Worship Leader, Pastor and Global Influencer.

Anointed, guided and counselled by the Holy Spirit to lead people in worship to glorify God and enter his presence.

I am thankful to God for the devout and encouraging family- 

Dr N Jayapaul (Father), Sulochana Paul (Mother) and Joseph Prakash, Raj Prakash Paul (Brothers).

I was dedicated to the ministry of the Lord by my parents at my birth, since my childhood had the longing of being involved in the church activities. In the year 1999 while I was studying MBA in Chennai- India, I had the first encounter with the Holy Spirit thus was born again and got baptized. This experience gave me the direction and dedication to understand the call of God in my life and going forward into HIS ministry.

I am ever grateful to the Lord for using me in His ministry to produce music albums, convene revival meetings & various conferences for pastors, preachers, evangelists etc.




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